What is Sikke (SKK)

Sikke: The first currency invented in Anatolia!

Sikke, was invented by Lydian at Anatolia in the 7th century BC. The first versions were made of materials made from a mixture of gold and silver. Lydian King Croesus was minted this natural mine as gold and silver, separately as Sikke for the first time. 

Sikke as digital asset

BWe are a great nation born and raised in Anatolia. Our ancestors have made their first trade with gold and silver Sikke, so we are a nation familiar with the term Sikke! Therefore, we have agreed to give this digital asset the name of Sikke.

Sikke, is a 4th generation coin and a powerful crypto asset that can replace real money in the future, as well. Sikke tokens, is a very powerful, flexible, fast and secure crypto currency tokens developed by Sikke Engineers with our RowBlockChain technology. All Sikke tokens are linked to each other with SHA256 (Secure Hashing Algorithm 256) generated hashes. The previous or next Sikke token confirms the validity of a Sikke token.

Sikke, is the official currency of the Sikke Platform. All payment and commission transactions on the Platform are done as SKK.

Sikke and Divisibility

Our ancestors used Sikke in various forms by dividing the currency according to their needs. In ancient times, one cent of Sikke was called as Kuruş, and one fourtieth of a Kuruş was called as dirhem / para.

Sikke tokens have 6 decimal points. Thus, one Sikke can be divided into 1,000,000

1 Sikke = 1.000 Kurus = 1.000.000 Dirhem

Sikke Volume and SKK Price

TA total supply of 100,000,000 Sikke Tokens will be generated. The generated tokens will be available in 5-year period. Sikke tokens and their transactions are associated with SHA256 encryption and RowBlockChain technology. With this structure, duplicate payments are prevented and fake or unauthorized transactions are not allowed through the associated token validation.

As of 1 June 2018, we continue to working to be listed Sikke tokens in domestic and foreign stock exchange. Our supply will be 1 SKK = 1 TRY on the local stock exchange platforms. Our goal for Sikke is to create a digital asset that is constant and irresponsive by excessive fluctuations, which gives the investor a steady earning in the medium and long term.

Çok Hızlı

Dünyanın neresinden olursa olsun sikke göndermek ve almak en fazla 1sn sürer!

%100 İşlem Onayı

Sikke ağında bir işleme onay vermek için %100 oy birliği sağlanmalıdır.

Bekleme Yok

Bir işlemin kesinleşdiğinden emin olmak için altı işlem daha beklemeye gerek yok!

Tam Güvenlik

SikkeNet ağında; Anlık, Saatlık veya Günlük gönderim limiti tanımlanabilir.

Tam Gizlilik

Sikke RowBlockChain zincirinde işlemler; takip edilemez, geriye yürütülemez, değiştirilemez.

Anlık Bildirimler

Bir işlem anında kese kullanıcılarına anlık olarak realtime bildirim (Mail & Notification) gönderilebilir.

Callback URL

SikkeNet ağında; bir işlem sonucunun verileri belirtilen URL'ye realtime post edilebilir.

Ortak Kullanım

SikkeNet ağında; bir kese için tam veya izleme yetkili ortaklar atanabilir.

Kese On/Off

Keseler Kullanıma Açık veya Kullanıma Kapalı olarak kullanılabilir.


Keseler online ve Offline olarak kullanılabilir. Yedeklenebilir, yazdırılabilir.

Takma İsim

Keselere takma isim tanımlanabilir, İşletmeler özel kese isimleri kullanarak ödeme isteyebilir

Kese Tipleri

Sadece Giriş, Sadece Çıkış, Akıllı Kese vs. gibi çeşitli tiplerde keseler oluşturabilir