Smart Contrats

Smart Contracts, are structures that ensure transfer and exchange of things that carry a digital value in the electronic environment in a transparent and highly secure manner without the need for third parties or institutions.

Smart contracts, enable inter-personal transactions and agreements without need for institutions such as court, notary.

The agreement text or terms are written into the block chain as contract thoroughly and the block chain processes it according to the previously written processed rules.

Smart contracts written into the block chain are read by parties and if agreed, the smart contract fulfills the obligations of the outcome.

SikkeSmart Platform ve Smart Contracts

Anyone who wishes can easily create contracts and and invite users to their contract on the SikkeSmart platform. SikkeSmart examines the smart contracts created on the platform to check whether the conditions are fulfilled.

SikkeICO Platform

A part of SikkeSmart Platform, SikkeICO (Public Offering), is a public offering platform where investors can fund their initiatives with smart contracts, explicitly stated in the terms of the smart contract of ICO. Collected funds are transfered to the project owner automatically when the conditions are fulfilled, if not they are refunded to stockholder.