Sikke Wallet

Sikke Wallet

In the past, people used to sew wallets from fabric or leather, and put valuable items such as money, stamp or watches. Although we are living in the era of technology, we agreed “wallet” term for the wallet that will store, protect and transact Sikke.

Wallet Types

There are several types of wallets in Sikke platform that work with smart contracts. Users can create different wallets according to their goals and manage their Sikke assets in these wallets.

Standard Wallet (Deposit and Withdraw): It is the standard wallet type. Sikke can be purchased and transfered. Other wallets are obtained by changing the type of standard wallets.

Sikke Box  (Deposit Only): Only sikke deposit is possible.

Fountain Wallet (Withdraw Only): Only Sikke withdraw transactions can be performed.

Public Wallet: It is the type of wallet shared by two or more users. In order to carry out the transaction, all partners should give consent about this transaction.

Smart Wallet: It is a type of wallet that Sikke deposit and withdraw depend smart contracts and function according to this contract.

Wallet Security

Sikke wallets are more advanced than other crypto wallets and are equipped with various security tools.
Hot / Cold Wallet: Wallets are used as cold wallet.
Active / Passive Wallet: Wallets are set as on or off to use.
Daily Limit: The maximum amount of Sikke withdraw per day are set.
Hourly Limit: The maximum amount of Sikke withdraw per hour are set.
Maximum Transaction Limit: The maximum amount of Sikke that can be transferred in one transaction are set.

Transaction Notifications: Notifications are received instantly when transaction is made.