Sikke Platform How we do what, our technology


Sikke Platform is an ecosystem in which transfer and other transactions related to Sikke (SKK) crypto coinand other crypto currencies created in the coin platform are made; smart contracts are created and approved; and future transactions can be made.

Heart of the platform is SikkeRoot Servers. SikkeRoot Servers, are servers operate artificial intelligence-assisted SikkeRoot software that enable communication in Sikke Platform with Sikke Wallets, operation servers, smart contracts, mobile apps and 3rd party applications, and make decisions. All requests from the SikkeNet network are responded by “Sikke Load Balancer” and directed to the most suitable SikkeRoot Server authorized to process according to the transaction type.

The communication and data transport language of the Sikke platform is determined as JSON for the reason that it is a flexible, fast and common data transport format. When 3rd party applications send request to platform through SikkeAPI, all the replies are sent as JSON.


Sikke Platform, is established and operated by SiKKE Inc. The platform is partially available and the transaction approvals are done unanimously by the transaction servers in the SikkeNet network (data integrity checked instantly by SikkeRoot) operated by the third parties. Transaction servers generate the tokens required for each transaction and charge fee of 0.1% (one per thousand) of the transaction amount.

SikkeSmart Plarform

SikkeSmart Platform, allows developers or investors to develop applications or projects with SASP (Sikke Smart Contract Protocol) on the Sikke platform. Developers can develop applications compatible with all platforms and wallets with SASP, create their own crypto coin or develop applications that will collect donations to their project using the escrows connected to the project contract.


SikkeAPI ile geliştiriciler “Sikke Uygulamaları ve Modülleri” ile iletişim sağlayabilir, işlem emirleri gönderebilir, kese bakiyelerini sorgulayabilir, akıllı sözleşmelere katılabilirler. SikkeAPI ile ödeme alma ve ödeme gönderme işlemleri yapılabilir.

Sikke Wallet's

With SikkeAPI, developers can communicate with "Sikke Apps and Modules", send transaction orders, inquire wallet balances, and participate in smart contracts. Payment retrieval and sending transaction can be done with SikkeAPI.

Sikke Wallets keep all digital asset tokens obtained from the platform and allows making various operations. Sikke Wallets behave very differently and more securely by associating them with smart contracts. For instance, you can collect your company tokens (payments) in a wallet that not make withdraw, therefore you can eliminate all the risks such as token loss and stealing.

Sikke Wallet addresses are self-certifiable and are produced by SikkeRoot according to a specific formula. It is almost impossible to create a fake Sikke Wallet Address. Wallets are downloadable and pausable. You can always print out your Private Key and transfer it to a different account.


Sikke Platform is being developed very fast because of its structure. The number of transactions per second is targeted as 100.000. In the safest way to achieve this speed, we develop our own distributed block chain system named RowBlockChain and the RowBlockChain protocol.

Various applications from mobile games to e-commerce, transactions to POS devices; can be done safely within seconds and transaction results can be reported instantly to wallet owners.