Sikke Mining

Sikke team considers the proposed mining system for the production and transaction of crypto-assets to be monsters and enemies of the environment that are using the assets of the world brutally. Therefore validation operations SIKKE PoS (Coin Proof of Stake) will be held according to the algorithm.

SIKKE Mining (Proof of Stake)

SIKKE uses transaction approvals for Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm. According to this algorithm token system is produced at the beginning and everyone's investment account by the amount of the corresponding token wallet is made of installations.

Anyone who wants can be a SIKKE miner in the SIKKE system. According to Proof of Stake algorithm people who want to make the mining can take so many token if in possession of a processing fee in the more SIKKEs you have. People who want to be a SIKKE miner, will not be able to use all of coins. When they used, mining skills end.

Everything they did the SIKKE miners, for the amount of a transaction processing fee. Processing fee is equal to 0.1% of the amount of the transaction. 70% of this transaction fee is transferred to the mining company and 30% to the coin project for the purpose of developing the coinage. 

For example: 1000 SKK to 1 to a process of SKK processing fee. 0,70 SKK of this transcaction fee to miner, 0,30 SKK of this fee is for the company.

Terms & Conditions

  1. To be a SIKKE miner you must have at least 2,500 SKK in your wallet.

  2. Application fee is 500 SKK for being SKK miner.

  3. You should send 500 SKK until 25.04.2018 to SKK146822358513330074481118 

  4. Mining operation connected to the internet windows or Linux-based can be done on the server or any PC/server network SikkeCloud can be rented.

  5. To make the mining SIKKE there should be at least 2 wallets of SIKKE. One of the mining wallet stores to keep to coin, and the other is a process to which to send the coins to transfer their wages cut.

  6. Commissioning date of July 2018 SIKKE will be Mining.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use more than one computer/server to mining?
    Yes you can use, but each must have a different wallet for computer/server.

  2. Will I earn the most when I keep 100,000 SKK for mining?
    No, the BlockChain network, for the amount of coins in weights keep is calculated.Each miner will process and gain the weight percent.

    For example; Suppose there are 2 network miner. A minee 100 SKK in the wallet, the other miner in 200 SKK.Operation regardless of the amount of sequence with 2 process, the miner in 200 SKK, 1 operation; in 100 SKK sent the miner.0.1% of the amount transferred, while the miners one-thousandth (70% m, 30% Coins) processing fee.