SikkeBank and SikkePos

What is SikkeBank?

SikkeBank, is the digital bank of the Sikke Platform, which allows the exchange of assets created on the Sikke platform (e.g. SKK) with fiat money.

SikkeBank, obtains the values of real currency (e.g. TRY, Euro, Dollar) and crypto currency (e.g. SKK ) by collecting the stock market data of the previous day from various stock exchange market and finds the daily buying/selling averages. After midnight, users who want to trade between different currencies during the day can instantly convert their digital assets into real currencies by applying the exchange rates of that day based on these money rates.

Case Study:
AAhmet receives payment by Sikke (SKK) at his restaurant but wants to work with a fixed rate against the risk of excessive fluctuation of Sikke value. Ahmet wants TL for to be accounted for sales by setting the SikkePos he used for his restaurant.

Ahmet’s SikkePos device obtain exchange rate information by connecting to SikkeBank and the amount that customer will pay is calculated according to the TL/SKK rate. Then, Ahmet shows how much SKK the customer should pay. The customer makes the payment as SKK and the amount of the payment is calculated from the exchange rate of that day and transferred to company’s TRY Wallet in TL.

Ahmet can transfer the money in his digital wallet to the bank account at any time. Moreover, without paying any extra commission except Bank EFT fees!

SikkePos : A Solution to recieve payments for corporations

SikkePos is the solution for receiving payment for corporates that want to receive Sikke (SKK) in their companies. App can run on all devices with PC, Android and iOS based. You can download and use the SikkePos App for free. 

SikkePos can automatically receive your payment amount from your cash register by cooperating with your existing cash register or you can do it manually. You may be notified as soon as the transaction is confirmed by displaying a notification on the screen when payment is received.

SikkePos can work with SikkeBank features. In other words, when the Business Payments are accepted as SKK, they can be converted into a desired currency with SikkeBank and transferred to bank accounts.