What is RowBlockChain?

RowBlockChain is a new BlockChain system that takes the good and safe aspects of the classic BlockChain system and tries to solve its disadvantages.

RowBlockChain is developed by the Sikke Team Engineers, taking into account the contributions and opinions of experts who have a say in the sector. 

Sikke Inc. does not consider publishing the technical documentation of the developed technology at the moment, with the reason that it is a commercial company. However, you can use our RowBlockChain technology with our APIs, and you will be able to develop your own RowBlockChain applications for free via SikkeNet.

RowBlockChain Technology

  • RBCP - RowBlockChain communication protocol. It is the communication protocol of SikkeRoot and Transaction Servers.
  • For standard transactions (Peer to Peer), the block size is maximum 1 KB. A standard BlockChain block can range from 1024 KB to 8192 KB. 
    • To create a block in RowBlockChain, the data of the previous block will not be added to the new block!
    • Therefore RowBlockChain requires 1024 - 8192 times less disk space than the classic BlockChain system. This means Bitcoin Blockchain is now approaching to 150GB. If Bitcoin had used in the RowBlockChain protocol, it would only be 150MB! 
  • Blocks is added to the RowBlockChain database with a specific sequence and algorithm. This sequence and algorithm  is controlled by SikkeRoot.
  • Transaction servers for an operation; calculate the hash of the data by using the data of previous block (hash value, sequence number, sender, receiver, amount and time stamp) with the SHA256 function and send it to the SikkeRoot. After confirming the hash of this new block created by SikkeRoot, it publishes it for the corresponding process and adds it to the RowBlock Databases.
  • Transaction servers do not use a certain difficulty value to obtain a Hash. It is only obliged to calculate the relevant data with SHA256 function and transmit the result. This method allows us to give real time approvals to the operations. It can not be used technically in decentralized systems like Bitcoin! 
  • SikkeRoot evaluates transactional responses from transaction servers, instantly detects those database block structures that are damaged and sends the database update command. It disables the server that has made three incorrect calculations and invites following server to join the network. 
  • 1 KB RowBlockChain block size speeds up disk burning(writing) and network usage thousands of times.