What is Sikke (SKK) platform?

Individual and institutional payments can be processed via Sikke platform. Thanks to two-way messaging and confirmation capabilities it can be used as an integrated payment infrastructure for applications such as banking, international payments, e-commerce, mobile apps and games, donations or customer loyalty. With the smart contracts support everyone can collect funds for their project through ICOs and issue special tokens.

Sikke Platformu Nedir?

Most sophisticated crypto wallet

Sikke wallets are most sophisticated wallets of the technology with advanced level security and other features.

The Sikke wallets are designed in way that can work with smart contracts according to different scenarios and types such as active/passive, hot/cold and other versions. Beside standard types such as only entry, only exit or joint wallet types you can also create smart wallets working connected to smart contracts.

You can receive payments for e-commerce sites, mobile apps or games. And also you can get notifications which includes transaction details in JSON format to an API that you specified with callback function.

Sikke Keseleri

Sikke Mining

Sikke thinks proof of work algorithm which is proposed for creation of crypto assets and transactions is a bogus and environmental hazard wasting limited resources of our World.

Sikke uses proof of stake algorithm for confirmation of transactions. In this algorithm tokens are created at the start of system and token amounts correlated to investments of individuals are dispatched to their wallets.

In Sikke platform everyone wishing can become a miner. Individual who wants to become a miner can earn fees related to amount of tokens in their wallets. The more tokens they have, the more fees they can get. Individuals who want to become miners can not use SKK tokens in their wallets.


Sikke Mobile apps


You will be able to send and receive SKK easily thanks to our mobile app. In order to get payments those simplified with QR codes, cash register and payment registry devices, you can create QR codes easily and receive payments with fixed Exchange rate.

  • • Send and receive payments
  • • Create and manage wallets
  • • Fixed exchange rate retail support for companies
  • • Real time transactions notifications
  • • Easy usage
  • • Clean interface