ICO / Tanıtım kampanlarımıza katılıp çok basit görevlerle binlerce sikke ödül kazanmak ister misiniz?


ICO kampanyası sonrası kalan sikke tokenları 1 Haziran 2018'de 1 SKK = 1 TL olacak şekilde ve ve diğer borsa sitelerinde arz edilecektir. Projemize destek olmak ve elektronik paramız SKK'ya yatırım yapmak için arz tarihine kadar indirimli olarak SKK tokenları alabilirsiniz.

Date:25/28 April 2018
Available in:4.000.000 Token
Too Fast

It takes 1s to send and receive coins no matter where the world is!

100% TX Confirm

A cooperative 100% vote must be provided to approve a transaction on the sikke network.

No Waiting

There's no need to wait six more to make sure a process is final!

Full Security

SikkeNet network; Instant, Hourly or Daily sending limit can be defined.

Full Privacy

Sikke RowBlockChain transactions in the chain; can not be traced, can not be executed backwards, can not be changed.

Instant Notifications

Realtime notification (Mail & Notification) can be sent instantly to purse users at the moment of a transaction.

Callback URL

SikkeNet network; the data of an operation result can be posted to the specified URL in realtime.

Common usage

SikkeNet network; full or tracking authorized partners for a purse may be appointed.

Wallet On/Off

Wallets can be used as On or Off.


Wallets are available hot and cold. Backupable, printable.

Alias Name

Wallet Alias name can be defined, Businesses may ask to pay using special purse names

Wallet Type

Deposit Only, Withdraw Only, Smart Wallet etc. may form cues in various types, such as

*** All of the above features SikkeNet and RowBlockChain are application-independent of our network. So if you use which Sketch (Web Squeeze, Mobile Squeeze, Coin Sketch, etc.), the features you use are features of squeeze and squeeze.